T5500 Digital Fancoil Thermostat: Provides control of 2 or 4 pipe fan-coil units, and includes manual or auto heat/cool changeover.
Vtronix Electronic Fancoil Thermostat: It has an electronic control, 3 speed fan, valve status LED indicator, and many more features.
HPC4000: Water Source Heat Pump control board.
Econo3 Brochure: XE8100A. Wired Control for mini-splits, Cool Only, with sweep.
Energy Savings Hotel Room Controller: Allows the user to use a key card system for a hotel room.
R60B Fan Delay Board Brochure: Includes 1 sec ON delay, 45 sec OFF delay, and a 2.5" x 2.5" board
Classic America Brochure: Contains LED display, 10 hour auto power off, and auto restart.
Energy Savings Kit Flyer: Comes with main board and 2 door switches with 120 VAC and 50/60 Hz
ECM Motor Harness Kit Flyer: Contains Thermostat Interface Board used with ECM Motors.
R100A: A/C Control Board with HP & LP switch inputs
Lake Pro Vtronix Smart Thermostat
R200A: Control Board for hot water/electric heat AHU.
LCD 5 Remote Spec: Has 2 or fan speeds with auto, a sleep function, a temperature setting, a clock, and many more features.
ECM Motorflyer: Contains ECM motor that uses signals that are converted by R600 interface boards.

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