Residential Thermostats 

Digital Low Voltage Thermostats
Great For single stage GAS, OIL, Electric and HEAT PUMP systems. Not suitable for Dual Fuel heat pumps without an external fossil fuel kit. 

  • Single or multiple stage HEAT, COOL, or HEAT/COOL systems up to 3H/2C stages.
  • 24 VAC Hardwired - (Requires 'C' wire)
  • RC, R, C, Y, G, Y2, O/B/W, AUX/W2, E, L terminals
  • Extra large (4.36" * 2.17") LCD  display with optionally Permanent Backlight
  • Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz) connectivity allows remote access through a tablet or Smart phone
  • Advanced P+I control

Programmable Model  

  • Program 7 individual days with 4 time periods per day
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